World news – Kenya: two killed

Two people were killed and three injured in a suspected al-Shabaab grenade attack on a church compound in eastern Kenya in early November.

The explosive hit a house belonging to a church elder within the grounds of a church in Garissa late on November 5, killing the elder’s son and a member of the church choir. A woman and her two grandchildren were injured in the blast. A witness said that she heard the attackers say after the explosion, ‘It is just the beginning’.

National police deputy spokesman Charles Owino said that the attack in the predominantly Muslim town could be religiously motivated and al-Shabaab sympathisers may have been responsible.

Earlier that day, a police vehicle escorting a UN convoy struck a landmine at the Dadaab refugee camp, which is housing around half a million refugees from the war and famine-ravaged Somalia. No one was injured.

Kenya sent troops into neighbouring Somalia last month to fight the al-Shabaab militants, whom it accuses of being behind a spate of kidnappings and cross-border attacks. The Islamist group, which controls most of southern Somalia, had threatened attacks in retaliation for Kenya’s military operation.

Over 80% of the Kenyan population is Christian, while Muslims comprise around 8%. Tensions between the two groups are at an unprecedented level, and violent outbreaks are increasingly common.

Barnabas Fund