World news – Nigeria: violence in Kaduna

A powerful bomb blast rocked Kaduna metropolis on December 7, leaving at least eight dead, many badly injured and causing much destruction to properties and businesses.

Eyewitnesses said that the bombers on motorcycles were heading towards a spare part shop in a busy trading area before residents heard the sound of an explosion, which killed one motorcyclist.

The National Emergency Management Agency, Red Cross, Federal Road Safety Corps, Police and Army worked for hours to evacuate the injured and the decapitated bodies of victims.

The Kaduna State Commissioner of Police is reported to have attributed the explosion to gas cylinders and batteries in the shops. However, Mr. Sunday Mba, the Chairman of the Spare Part Sellers Union, has said that shops in the area do not sell gas and a battery explosion would not cause such extensive damage.

The Red Cross has confirmed that the explosion in Kaduna was a bomb, corroborating eyewitness reports; however no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Kaduna was one of the sites of post-election violence in April 2011 and, more recently, several people were killed when villages in Kaduna state were attacked by armed Fulanis. In late November, Release International reported that it is feared that militants want to divide the nation like Sudan, creating an Islamist north.

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