World news – Nigeria: bombed

Joshua Dabo, like other young Christians in Jos, had dreams for his life.

He had graduated from a Christian high school, Mt. Olives Secondary School, and at 31 was finally looking forward to attending university. He was among the 120 people from the Christian community on Bauchi Ring Road who paid to watch a classic soccer match, Barcelona FC v. Real Madrid, on TV at an outdoor bar (called a ‘viewing centre’ in Nigeria) on the night of December 10. A few minutes into the match, televised in a corrugated sheet metal hall at Yangwava Television Viewing Centre at Ukadum village, a bomb went off. Dabo was decapitated. He was the lone fatality in three bomb blasts targeting viewing centres in predominantly Christian areas of Jos during the Spanish soccer match; at least ten others were injured in the blasts, leaving four in critical condition, including two in a coma.

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