An investment for preachers and preaching groups!

By Stuart Olyott
Banner of Truth. 38 pages. £2.00
ISBN 978 1 848 711 419

This is a little gem of a booklet and one that should be put in the hands of every preacher in every preaching group!

At the heart of the author’s 2010 Martyn Lloyd-Jones Memorial Lecture — upon which this booklet is based — is a passionate plea to preachers to work hard to ‘land’ the Bible’s message in the minds, hearts and lives of those who hear their preaching. Within the limitations of a booklet, Stuart Olyott headlines the four key elements necessary for this to happen: ethos, pathos, logos and dunamis!

By ethos, he means the integrity and authenticity of the preacher; by pathos, an emotional engagement and love for the congregation; by logos the logical wisdom and truth of God revealed in the gospel and applied to everyday life; and by dunamis which ‘saturates all three others’, an expectation and dependence on the dynamic work of the Holy Spirit in preacher and hearer alike.

Leaders — buy a batch and pass them on to all you are seeking to help develop as preachers. It will be one of the best investments that you make in 2012!

Trevor Archer, 
Director of Training, FIEC