Inspiration for final-year students

By Krish Kandiah
IVP. 160 pages. £6.99
ISBN 978 1 844 744 459

Are you devouring your final year dissertation but have no idea what to do after university? Have you graduated but still can’t find work? Did you leave all your best friends behind at the Christian Union? Do you want to know how God fits in it all?

Then Krish Kandiah’s book, Final, might well be for you. Krish is an increasingly popular conference speaker, CU missioner and culture-vulture blogger who has made the pithy soundbite something of a signature dish. Coming hot on the heels of Fresh, his book for first years, comes Final: bite-sized inspiration for final-year students.

As with FreshFinal is divided into five weeks of teaching, covering the themes of ‘Facing your future’, ‘Identifying your calling’, ‘Navigating your route’, ‘Anticipating the hurdles’ and ‘Leaving uni behind’ (rather tenuously forming the acrostic F-I-N-A-L, reminiscent of my own final year exam mnemonics!).

In terms of content, the themes are well chosen and well covered, each consisting of seven days of biblical reflection considering the various challenges and opportunities of approaching post-uni life. Wisdom is distilled down, without being too dumbed down, and is drawn from both key NT passages and OT characters. Each chapter ends with stimulating questions to work through, along with testimonies of people who’ve ‘been there, done that’. Addressing issues such as debt, CVs, gap years, job interviews, careers advice, and serving God through it all, Final would be great quiet-time material or for discussion in a prayer triplet or small group.

The combination of Krish’s wide range of graduate experiences and his clear biblical convictions makes him a reliable guide to steer students through the often choppy waters of transitioning into graduate life. Certainly one for the wish list of any finalist you may know.

Dave Gobbett, 
associate pastor, Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge