Crash course in Evangelism

Manuel Brambila is an assistant to the well-known American evangelist Ray Comfort.

Manuel presents a one-day free crash course on evangelism based on Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron’s programme, The Way of the Master. He spoke to EN about himself and the course.

EN: Tell us about how you became a Christian and…

MB: In a nutshell — I was born and raised Catholic in Mexico City. When I finished university, I moved to Montreal, Canada, just for adventure’s sake. One night, walking through downtown Montreal after work, I saw a tall man with a crowd around him. He was an open-air preacher and was using a sketch board to explain the gospel to those around him, hoping that someone would listen. I did.

Conviction of sin

I suddenly understood the severity of my sin and my rebellion, for more than 20 years, against the God who had given me life and had kept me up until that moment.

The street preacher, whose name is Tony, was drawing the sinking Titanic and said something like: ‘It doesn’t matter if you are a good swimmer, what matters is whether you have a life saver or you don’t’.

I understood the amazing opportunity God was giving to all humanity to be saved. I saw the Father’s amazing love displayed in Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross — for my sins.

But I don’t think I was born again in that very moment, because I went home as if nothing had happened. However, the following night, walking through the Park LaFontaine, everything that I had heard was so heavy on my heart that I couldn’t stand it any more. I literally fell on my knees and cried to God. I repented from my heart and asked God for another chance. I totally surrendered and I appreciated so much the fact that Jesus had taken the punishment for me. I was born again. I believe it was on the August 10 2002.

The next evening, I was standing in that street corner with Tony, trying to tell people what had happened to me: I had found forgiveness of sin and everlasting life.

I joined Tony’s church, got baptised and regularly went with him to share the gospel in the streets and door-to-door during the winter months. I’m still in touch with Tony. I’m very grateful for his faithfulness in sharing the gospel with strangers. And this is also one of the reasons why evangelism is so dear to me.

EN: Where you are living now?

MB: I got married in Canada and shortly afterwards moved to France. We’ve been permanently living in the south of France since 2007. When we first moved, we thought it was because of a job opportunity, but in reality it was for ministry, for the gospel.

EN: What is the course that you run, and how did it start?

MB: The Crash Course on Evangelism is a free, one-day training course based on what I see as the cream of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron’s award-winning TV programme, The Way of the Master.

The course is fast moving and exciting. I use clips and interviews from The Way of the Master, making it interactive and fun.

I started promoting this course in April 2011 to churches in France and Europe. The Lord has graciously opened doors and I’ve been able to teach in several cities in France, Germany, the UK, Holland and Italy. This year I also have invitations to teach in Portugal, Hungary, Spain and Croatia. This is very humbling and exciting.

EN: Give us an idea of the course’s content and how British churches could benefit?

MB: It is divided into four sessions of about 45 minutes each, ending with role-playing and an actual outreach in the area.

Lost key

The first session will wake everybody up to evangelism, because it touches our emotions, showing our moral responsibility in reaching the lost. The second and third sessions talk about the ‘lost key in evangelism’. Spurgeon called it ‘our greatest auxiliary’, because it talks to our conscience and not our intellect. Using this key, we won’t just debate with people but rather appeal to their God-given conscience. The last session is very practical and we apply the principles learned in the other sessions.

British churches could benefit from it because Christians in Britain, as well as in any country, are called to seek and save those who are lost. The problem is that many Christians don’t feel equipped to share the gospel or are fearful. This course will equip with the necessary tools to conquer those fears and actively share the gospel.

EN: How does it differ from other courses in evangelism?

MB: Well, first of all, the course is 100% biblical. Second, I teach it free of charge. I just ask for help to cover the cost of getting from my place to your location, but the teaching and materials are free. Then, it goes straight to the point. In only four hours (the complete course), participants will be more than ready to share the gospel with friends and strangers. Participants will learn to share their faith in a biblical and effective way — just as Jesus did.

There is audio/visual support via interviews and clips from The Way of the Master programme. I also give away gospel tracts and other things free of charge, so that participants will be ready to reach out from day one.

EN: Who are the people who have commended the course?

MB: This teaching has been commended by John MacArthur, Charles Stanley, Josh McDowell, Ravi Zacharias, Franklin Graham, Joni Eareckson Tada, and many other church leaders. Some testimonials from pastors and participants in Europe are available at

The Great Commission
EN: What is your message to sleepy or complacent Christians?

MB: My message to them would be simply to remind them of the Lord’s message to them: ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature’.

That is our great commission. It wasn’t given only to the first 11 disciples or to our pastors. It is a commandment given to all of us and we must be obedient.

Wake up! You hold in your hands something far more valuable than the cure for cancer! You have the everlasting gospel, God has trusted us with it! We must go and share it! People die without it. This course will equip you to be a bold and faithful witness for the Lord.

For more information, contact Manuel Brambila: tel. +33 67 87 65263,, Twitter: @mbrambila or