Eric Liddell – Finish the race (book review)

By John Keddie
Christian Focus. 160 pages. £5.99
ISBN 978 1 845 505 905

Those of us familiar with the name Eric Liddell will immediately think of an Olympic athlete and the film Chariots of Fire. This book is a great way to introduce a new generation to one of Britain’s most famous Christian Olympians.

It’s a wonderful story. The reader cannot but be impressed with the humility, serenity and clear focused determination of a remarkably gifted athlete who sought to honour God in every aspect of his life. Eric’s eagerness to honour the Lord’s day meant that he changed his race to the 400 metres, winning first place and setting a new Olympic record.

Eric’s life after the Olympics is not so well known. Without wavering he left fame behind and went to China as a missionary. The challenges and dangers were many and life was tough. At every stage and in every aspect of his life Eric was determined to obey God’s will and to live a God-guided life.

This book is a must read, especially on the run up to the Olympics, and would be a great gift for anyone interested in sport (from teenagers up). It kept going missing in our house as everyone queued up to read it!

Lindsay Benn, 
conference speaker and bishop’s wife, Eastbourne