One Lord, One Plan, One People (book review)

A journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation
By Rodger Crooks
Banner of Truth. 465 pages. £8.50
ISBN 978 1 848 711 372

Written ‘to give access to the Bible’s contents so that you can significantly increase the extent of your Bible knowledge’, this book is highly successful.

It began its life as a series of single sermons on each book of the Bible, given to the author’s Presbyterian congregation in Belfast. The same pattern is followed here, with a chapter on each biblical book, looking broadly at its contents, purpose, structure and message. These vary in length and detail, though not always reflecting the comparative length or complexity of the Bible books, with eight pages given to both Isaiah and 2 Timothy, for example.

Sometimes the sermon format may be over-dominant and some judgments about emphasis or meaning would benefit from greater argumentation, but the scope and range of this one volume are highly impressive, and writing is always about choosing what to leave out. The title reflects the author’s main agenda, to demonstrate how all the parts of Scripture fit together, by constantly pointing to Jesus as the unifying centre of God’s revelation. This major theme is pursued with factual accuracy, many illuminating comparisons, cross-references and insights, as well as an economy of words.

The style is contemporary, engaging and eminently readable. A life-time of ministry, combined with theological clarity and a depth of biblical perception, come together to make this a reliable, significant and very welcome addition to any Christian’s bookshelf. It will be of special value to those who want to develop a sharper focus and deeper understanding of God’s big picture.

David Jackman,
past President of the Proclamation Trust