The Cross (book review)

By Andrew Sach and Steve Jeffery
10Publishing. 44 pages. £2.99
ISBN 978 1 906 173 593

This is a great little book for all Christians, but especially for new Christians.

It is a simple study on the cross which brings out the wonder and glory of the cross. The first two sections are more theological. They show how, on the cross, Christ died in our place for our sins, that his substitutionary death bears the penalty for our sin. Then they cover how, on the cross, Christ defeated Satan and his work.

The next two sections are helpful applications of the cross. The cross calls us to a life of self-denial and suffering. In this, Christ is our great example of both service and suffering. They give practical help on how suffering and service may work out in everyday life. Secondly, they draw out the implications of our being crucified and raised with Christ. They explain how the believer has new life in Christ and is no longer a slave to sin and again how this applies to our lives.

It was good to be reminded of the glory of the cross, what it achieved, and how it affects everyday living. This book is a must for all new Christians. I shall be recommending it to all our new Christians. For myself, I would give many away if the author and publishers could adapt this book for non-believers.

Daphne Ross, 
wife of the senior minister at Farnham Baptist Church and someone who loves to speak to others of Christ

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