Dear Abdullah (book review): 8 questions Muslim people ask about Christianity

Eight questions Muslim people ask about Christianity
By Robert Scott
IVP. 160 pages. £7.99
ISBN 978 1 844 745 289

Isn’t it lovely that we can talk to people about our faith today? Not many are interested in talking about faith in Christ. But many Muslims are interested in talking to Christians about the faith they have in Allah. They have many different questions, which need to be answered. Are the members of our churches prepared to answer those questions?

Robert Scott in his book very wisely answers the ‘eight questions which Muslims ask’ us while we stand at the book table or distribute leaflets, or speak at work. And how important it is for a Christian to explain about the Trinity and the things that are of importance for the sake of the gospel! We must answer these questions in a manner which is ‘gentle’ and with ‘respect’ (1 Peter 3.15).

This book opens our minds to ‘click’ and hang in with Muslims. We must be ready to explain why ‘sins forgiven’ is only in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us that we are all born with a sinful nature (Romans 5.12-21) and that the entire human race is affected. By contrast, sin in Islam is only considered a ‘mistake’ of Adam with no ‘consequence’ for anyone else, according to Qur’an 53.38-41.

It is so important to explain that our good works or rituals will never ever save us. Although they are important as a sign of our salvation, they can never be enough to help us reach heaven. It is Christ’s blood shed on the cross that cleanses us from every stain. It is though him alone that we are saved. Salvation is though the death of our Lord and not by our good works.

In our friendship we must be prepared to answer the questions which Robert Scott rightly mentions. He helps us to work through this from ‘Creation’ to the ‘Assurance’ and a ‘hope’ that we have in Jesus Christ our Lord. Many Muslims have no assurance and no hope of heaven. This book is a helpful guide to get into the mind and hearts of a Muslim and to help us be prepared biblically in answering their questions.

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