Confident Christianity (book review)

Conversations that lead to the cross
By Chris Sinkinson
IVP. 224 pages. £8.99
ISBN 978 1 844 745 241

This book is designed to give a wide-ranging introduction to apologetics — not the art of apologising, as the author explains, but, instead, ‘a spoken defence for the Christian faith’ dealing with answers to important questions non-Christians ask.

Rather than just giving practical tips and knowhow, Sinkinson endeavours to equip us by considering how apologetics links with philosophy, the different theological debates within apologetics and a brief history of the discipline. He gets us to think hard about our culture before ending with four chapters dealing with biblical reliability, science, other religions and suffering. This is quite an undertaking in a relatively short book!

I appreciated the book’s comprehensiveness, but if every area was new to a reader the amount of information would probably be overwhelming. The author manages to simply explain complex ideas and is clearly an able communicator. There could have perhaps been an extra chapter justifying the subtitle of the book, helping readers to move from specific questions to opening up conversations about the cross.

I found the section on the different theological approaches to apologetics particularly stimulating. However, I would have liked the author to explain further how he synthesises the strengths of each while retaining a consistent theology.

Despite these small points, I am very happy to recommend this book to anyone wanting a comprehensive crash course in apologetics. Sinkinson obviously knows his subject inside out (he lectures in apologetics at Moorlands College), has considerable experience in conversations with non-Christians and is very able in conveying his expertise to other Christians.

Sheri Newton, member of Shepherd Drive Baptist Church, Ipswich

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