‘Bringing the gospel home’ (book review)

Bringing the gospel homeBRINGING THE GOSPEL HOME
Sharing your faith with family and friends
By Randy Newman
IVP. 216 pages. £8.99
ISBN 978 1 844 745 272

If you were going to read only one book this year, other than your Bible, read this.

We all have relatives and friends with whom we want to share the gospel, but fail miserably. With a good style and pace, Randy Newman (not the songwriter) illuminates this book with a multitude of stories from families just like yours. It’s a book of warm theology — just look at the chapter titles: Family, Grace, Truth, Love, Humility, Time and, finally, Eternity. His solution to our lack of urgency and love is to turn us back to the Father, not beat us with a stick. His nutshell summary of the book is ‘witnessing to family takes TLC’. T stands for time, you need a long-term perspective; L stands for love, you need a deep reservoir of love; C stands for comprehensiveness, you will need to explore full effects of the gospel.

If you do read just one book this year, the footnotes will tempt you to read two or three more.

Mark Newcombe, 
pastor, Somersham Baptist Church, Suffolk

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