Prayer fuel: News in the UK

As we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, let’s take a moment to remember those who are suffering in His name, both in the UK and around the world. Here are a handful of news-bites from the UK included in the January issue of EN. May these spur us on to pray for our country and issues we all are facing.

Standing up
In October, Christian Research asked 2,173 panellists to share their opinions around discrimination and freedom of speech.
In response to the amateur video Innocence of Muslims, it was asked: ‘Should Christians defend believers of other faiths from anti-religious sentiment despite profoundly disagreeing with the basis of that faith?’ 84% of respondents answered ‘Yes’. Research Brief

Booted out, fighting back
A Christian councillor, who was kicked out of her local party group after she took a stand against gay marriage, said in late November that she will continue fighting, after her expulsion was upheld by national party officials.
Christina Summers was banned from sitting with her Green Party colleagues on Brighton and Hove City Council in September after she voted against a motion that backed same-sex marriage. The branch chairman claims she was not kicked out because of her views on gay marriage but because of other reasons. The Christian Institute

Scotland: sex ed fury
Parents in Scotland were shocked that an explicit sex education DVD was, in late November, still being shown in Scottish primary schools.
The Living and Growing DVD, produced by Channel 4 Learning, contains explicit footage of a naked cartoon couple having sex. In July 2012, Channel 4 Learning removed it from its catalogue after a long running campaign from MPs and parents. Hundreds of parents in Lanarkshire have signed a petition calling for the DVD to be withdrawn from classrooms. The Christian Institute

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