‘What the Bible means to me’ (book review)


WHAT THE BIBLE MEANS TO ME What the bible means to me
Testimonies of how God’s Word impacts our lives
Edited by Catherine Mackenzie
Christian Focus. 144 pages. £7.99
ISBN 978 1 845 507 237

This book contains over 40 testimonies from a variety of people, some well known, some less so, about how the Bible has impacted their lives in different ways.

There is a passion here, a love for God’s Word, which is not simply academic, but comes from a heartfelt love for the Author. I love the way 40 different people from all walks of life have expressed that love. I love the excitement and expectancy of ordinary people that God will speak to them through the pages of his Word. I love the fact that it is full of little gems that encourage me to seek out the Saviour. When Richard Bewes, for example, tells me that he wakes every morning looking forward to ‘another day of adventure on Planet Earth with the Lord Jesus Christ’, which always begins with a cup of tea and a time alone with his Bible and the Lord, it can’t help but enthuse me about my own devotional time. And that is what comes across so often in this book. People are not talking about the great sermons they have listened to, important though they are, but they are talking about their own communion with the Lord as they personally seek him through his Word.

This is a great read for times when you may not feel like having a time alone with God for whatever reason, because it will surely inspire you to do so again.

Perhaps we should all regularly share with each other our testimonies of what the Bible means to us. Few things can encourage the Christian more than to be reminded that our Saviour welcomes us into his presence to share a special time alone with him as we read the Bible and pray.

Wendy Mason, 
pastor’s wife, Park Church, Stoke on Trent

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