The other F-word (book review)


Faith, the last taboo
By Steve Maltz
Saffron Planet. 128 pages. £4.99
ISBN 978 0 956 229 632

This is not a book for you. It’s a book for you to give away to others.

It’s written to connect with people who have imbibed, consciously or not, the popular culture. It aims to get under the skin — and does so, directly, naturally and effectively.

The intention is to gain a hearing for the ‘divine defence’ — explaining life as it is through God’s Word and holding out to the reader life through faith in Christ.

Chapter 1 scratches the surface of the popular culture with imaginary conversations between people and God. In chapter 2 he introduces the expression of ‘the longing’ — what’s really going on with the world and why it is as it is — looking to be reconnected with its maker. He sets up the rest of the book by reminding the reader that the onus is with God to make his case. He then follows God’s case — through God’s story, God’s remedy (through the theme of blood shedding) and considers Christ and explores what faith in Christ is.

Written in a quick, conversational style, it is easy to read yet wonderfully straightforward. It oozes biblical faithfulness and confidence expressed with a refreshingly jargon-free choice of terms. He challenges well a number of misconceptions — that faith only has a religious dimension, that only atheistic philosophy is valid and that the authority and reliability of the Bible is easily dismissed.

It could offend. Dearly-held views are exposed and challenged with speed and ease — so knowing the people you give it to is vital.

It’s written by a man who knows the culture into which he speaks. It’s written for people who don’t know that their culture is not neutral, but who would be willing to be challenged to think about it.

Stuart Harding, 
co-pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Southport

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