The preacher’s payday (book review)

How faithfulness echoes in eternity
By Clint Archer
Day One. 140 pages. £7.00
ISBN 978 1 846 253 102

This book reminds you that the Bible’s teaching on eternal rewards should affect how you conduct your ministry, especially with regard to preaching.

Archer believes that Christians will be subject to a judgment in which they can gain or lose eternal rewards (but not salvation), and that future judgment affects the type of service the saint does in heaven. The application for preachers/teachers/elders is that they are held to account for the souls over which they are called to keep watch. This is a stern warning to all who teach with pastoral responsibility. The second half of the book describes expository preaching, sermon preparation and plural eldership in independent churches.

The Preacher’s Payday is an apologia for a kind of independent Baptist ministry. John MacArthur writes a foreword and has apparently been influential in Dr. Archer’s outlook This book will encourage those who want to follow the same path. While many readers may be unfamiliar with the bema judgment seat and with the idea that expository preaching proves its points from cross-references, there are plenty of useful reminders. Archer has a vivid turn of phrase: my favourite was, ‘Expository preaching helps a jellyfish preacher grow a spine’ (p.90). May it also help us minister with an eye on the judgment seat of Christ.

Ed Moll, 
Senior Minister, St. George’s Church, Wembdon, Bridgwater, Somerset 

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