How a spider saved a man’s life (children’s book review)

52 Spurgeon stories for children
By Tony Hutter
Day One. 112 pages. £5.00
ISBN 978 1 846 252 884

This book grew on me. It contains a collection of stories from the life of Charles Spurgeon, which are used to illustrate how to apply Bible verses to a believer’s life.

The aim is to show children what it means to find salvation in Christ and to live for his glory. Initially, the book struck me as quaint. The first third of the book is stories from the life of Spurgeon’s grandfather, James, attached to a curious selection of verses. Occasionally, I didn’t agree with the interpretation of the verse, and sometimes I thought there were more obvious verses that could have been chosen to make the point.

The content improved greatly, however, when the incidents came from C.H. Spurgeon’s own life. I began to appreciate the glint of humour there must have been in the author’s eye as he told the stories, and I actually laughed out loud when he quoted an elderly pastor describing C.H. Spurgeon as, ‘the sauciest dog that ever barked in a pulpit!’

There is a real warmth and affection for this whole-hearted Christian, whose example is used to draw our attention towards Jesus very successfully. Prepare to be powerfully struck by the reminder of God’s amazing grace, his provision, and some of the incredible things that God has done through one man who taught God’s Word with integrity.

Stuck for a present for a child aged 6-11 years? Read it together, and this book gives an objective opportunity to discuss major truths that are central to the gospel. What a gift!

Jo Horn, 
married to a staff member of St. Ebbe’s in Headington, Oxford; mother of three; primary school teacher; likes making cakes


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