The highway code for retirement (book review)

Highway code for retirementTHE HIGHWAY CODE FOR RETIREMENT
By David Winter
CWR. 101 pages. £6.99
ISBN 978 1 853 456 688

This book is the latest in CWR’s ‘Highway Code’ series.

David Winter’s hypothesis is that retirement, while being inevitable, can be a really positive and even an exciting time of life! It is a book that is practical, helpful and challenging for those who are facing retirement sooner — or later! It deals with issues of finance, a new relationship within marriage, family and growing old gracefully. It also tackles the thorny problem of whether or not to move house, geographical situation and church. Throughout, sanctified common sense is applied!

This book is easy to read and can be ‘dipped into’ as appropriate. It brings together many strands of thought and organises them well. Sadly, I feel that it would be of most use to those who are dreading retirement and will be reluctant to read it!

Val Maidstone, 
Dorking, Surrey


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