Becoming a widow (book review)

BECOMING A WIDOW Becoming a widow
The ache of missing your other half
By Elizabeth W.D. Groves
New Growth Press. 24 pages. Available as a free download from
ISBN 978 1 938 267 819

This lightweight mini-book is born out of the author’s own experience since the death of her husband in 2007.

Although written mainly with widows in mind, the principles could equally be applied to widowers or, indeed, anyone grieving the loss of someone very close.

Frankly and compassionately she writes about how God cares about the widow’s grief. The over-arching theme is ‘God is with you’, and she uses Scriptures and personal examples to illustrate this. In a section about what this means in practice, she talks about interacting with God, with others, managing daily life and looking to the future, both long- and short-term. This is a sensitive, comforting piece of writing ending on a high note of hope for the Christian for whom this world is not the be-all and end-all.

Kathy Peat, 


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