Prayer fuel: News from around the world

Here are a handful of news-bites from around the world included in the July issue of EN. May these encourage us as well as spur us on to pray for our brothers and sisters around the world facing severe persecution.

S. America: Jesus 4 kids
Family Life Network’s new book Komm Kjikje, vol. II, written in Low German by Helen Funk and featuring stories from the New Testament, was distributed in Paraguay in May and will be distributed in Belize in July.
Originally produced as animated radio programmes, FLN hopes these stories will introduce Jesus to a new generation of children in Low German-speaking communities in Latin America. Fellowship of European Broadcasters (FEB) 

India: lost control
A Hindu nationalist party, which supports extremist groups that attack and harass Christians, lost control of Karnataka state in May.
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been at the helm of the southern state since 2008, but saw its share of the vote slashed by 13.9% in the election on May 5. It suffered a net loss of 72 seats, while the country’s governing Congress party gained a majority with an increase of 42 seats. The BJP’s vote was split by two breakaway parties, which indicates enduring support for some of its values. The result is nevertheless good news for the state’s beleaguered Christians. Barnabas Fund

China: seriously ill
Gong Shengliang, imprisoned since 2001 for his leadership of the South China Church movement, is suffering from lack of medical treatment after a stroke, according to his daughter.
In an April 23 open letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping, Gong Huali stated that her father suffered a ‘cerebral infarction’ (ischemic stroke) late last year which has rendered him unable to walk or speak. ‘Because [of ] the complete absence of minimal medical care, his cerebral and cerebellum functions have been severely affected … His life is in serious danger.’ She has asked for him to be released on bail for urgent medical treatment. Morning Star News

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