Loving the little years – motherhood in the trenches (book review)

LOVING THE LITTLE YEARS Loving the little years

Motherhood in the trenches
By Rachel Jankovic
Canon Press. 102 pages. £7.50
ISBN 978 1 591 280 811

If you are a mother, know any mothers or one day hope to be a mother, then this book is for you.

In this book, Rachel Jankovic humorously unfolds the biblical wisdom garnered from raising five children. Its chapters, which can be read in a few minutes, consistently apply the Scriptures to the everyday challenges faced in discipling little ones. One clear way that this comes through is in the reminder that child-rearing often illuminates our own weaknesses and failings which in turn should cause us to run to the throne of grace. In other words, children are often used by God to help us become more the children he wants us to be. Thus, instead of viewing children as constant bothers, Rachel encourages the reader to take the long-term view and to consider children as a God-given blessing constantly aiding us in our sanctification. Ultimately, Jankovic’s book manages to amuse, encourage, rebuke and train in righteousness and if you’d like to bless any mothers, this book would be a fitting present.

Kiprotich Chelashaw, 
curate at St. James’s Parish Church, Audley, near Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire


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