Two minus one equals one (book review)

TWO MINUS ONE EQUALS ONE Two minus one equals one
Living through the death of a loved one
By Geoff Treasure
Onwards and Upwards. 79 pages. £6.99
ISBN 978 1 907 509 469

This is a very helpful book written for those who have experienced bereavement, especially when it is the death of a husband or wife, as the title indicates.

Its value is not, however, limited to those circumstances. While the author, Geoff Treasure, draws on his own experience of losing his wife through cancer, he helpfully makes the point that each individual’s experience of grief is personal and unique to themselves and no one else can or should attempt to prescribe the pattern or the length of the grieving process. Having said that, the author, basing his writing on the story of the death of Lazarus and drawing widely on other Scriptures, addresses in a thoughtful and sensitive way a number of questions that inevitably arise at such a time of loss.

The four main chapters cover the questions: Why Lazarus? Why me? Where was God? What now? and What then? In the chapters he addresses questions about why this experience of bereavement has come to us, how we relate this to the loving purposes of God, issues involved in working through the grieving process and a final chapter on the glorious hope we have in Christ in the face of death. In his chapter on working through the grieving process and dealing with the expectations of others, he very helpfully writes: ‘Remember that your feet are in your shoes. Nobody else is walking in them along your path’. This is a book that gives practical advice and warm encouragement from a biblical perspective and is an easy read for anyone going through the loss of a loved one.

Roger Prime, former pastor of Beccles Baptist Church


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