Prayer fuel: News in the UK

Here are a handful of news-bites from around the UK included in the November issue of EN. May these spur us on to pray for our country and issues we all are facing.

BBC: bias?
In mid September Dr. Peter Saunders, the campaign director of Care Not Killing, lodged a complaint against the BBC after Lord Falconer appeared on BBC One’s Breakfast programme on September 18 and discussed his plans to reform the law on assisted dying ‘without challenge’.
Dr. Saunders was due to appear alongside Lord Falconer to argue against euthanasia but was told a few hours beforehand that his presence was no longer necessary. Right to Life Charitable Trust

RE: Oftrack
Ofsted, the schools inspectorate, has found that a third of primary school children had an ‘inadequate’ understanding of Christianity, it was reported in October.
Inspectors, who visited 185 secondary schools and more than 30 primary schools, said teachers were fearful of ‘saying the wrong thing’ and that few children were being taught to get to grips with religion. Religion Today

Bible: out of court
Magistrates will, in October, debate scrapping the religious oath for witnesses and defendants in court, but critics have raised fears that the move could further erode the Christian heritage of Britain.
Instead, all those giving evidence in court would make a secular pledge, which it is thought would make it fairer and more relevant for people and help them understand the importance of what they are saying. The Daily Telegraph

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