Epic (film review)


Director Chris Wedge
Cert. U. Running time: 102 mins

Epic is a film for the whole family. Its plot-line stretches the imagination and is interspersed with moments of good humour, lively action and deeper aphorisms.

Following the death of her mother, young M.K. goes to live with her rather eccentric father who has spent his life trying to discover the Leafmen, mysterious tiny soldiers that protect the forest from the evil Boggans. However, he keeps failing to find these elusive creatures, leaving him unfulfilled — something which many in the world today can relate to.

Here for a reason

On discovering the dying queen of the forest Queen Tara, M.K. is transported into the world of the Leafmen and is given a mysterious ‘pod’ by the queen, who instructs her to take it to a Glowworm called Nim Galuu to save the forest from destruction by the Boggans. On her journey she meets Ronin, the leader of the Leafmen, Nod, her love interest, and two rather comical molluscs.

Destiny is a key theme throughout. Near the climax, Queen Tara speaks to M.K. in a flashback, saying: ‘You’re here for a reason. Sometimes the connections aren’t clear, but they’re always there’.

We can draw links with God’s sovereignty. In our own experience, particularly when experiencing suffering, we can find it hard to see the ‘connections’; but we can take encouragement that God is at work through all things, even when his plan is incomprehensible (Romans 8.28). Epic opens wonderful doors for chatting to non-Christian friends.

George Barrett, York University


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