Respectable sins (book review)

Confronting the sins we tolerate
By Jerry Bridges
NavPress. 181 pages. £13.99
ISBN 978 1 600 062 926

Calling all comfortable Christians … this is the book for you!

How easy it is to point the finger at the big sins we see in other’s lives, and all the time we’re cruising along thinking that we’re pretty hunky-dory, in fact God’s almost lucky to have us on his team! How wrong we are, and how scary that we can think like that. This book will be your wake-up call.

It’s a little gem of a read which really gets to the heart of those sins that we all ignore, or put down to tiredness or a bad day at work. Jerry Bridges turns the screw on those of us who have got too comfortable with our everyday sins. Sins like worry, anger, pride, discontent… we can easily name them, but Jerry helps us to identify them and see them for what they are: symptoms of a heart that is failing to trust God. What I also love about this book is that Jerry gives us examples from his own life — that’s right, Jerry Bridges is a sinner, and he’s not afraid to share how he has been challenged over his ‘respectable’ sins.

But don’t worry!! He also offers the antidote, which is of course to reflect on the beauty, majesty, sovereignty and grace of God given to us in Jesus.

This is an absolute must read for everyone, and I really think it should be added to your list of books that you should read once a year… because we do so easily forget!

Naomi Skull, Chertsey Street Baptist Church, Guildford


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