Don’t call it a comeback (book review)

DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK Don't call it a comeback
The old faith for a new day 
Edited by Kevin De Young
Crossway. 252 pages. £10.99
ISBN 978 1 433 521 690

I begin with an apology. This book should have been reviewed in EN a couple of years ago. It first appeared in 2011 and is one of the best books I know that gives an exposition of Reformation Christian faith as it relates to the contemporary world.

God has blessed the US in recent decades with a wonderful array of faithful evangelical leaders from whom we have all benefited. Don Carson, Tim Keller and John Piper spring immediately to mind. But these guys will not last forever and a new generation of thoughtful and gifted young men is on the rise. It is from among these whom God is raising up for the future that the contributors to this book have been chosen. Kevin De Young, whose recent books, Why we’re not emergentWhat is the mission of the Church?The Hole in our Holiness, have helped so many, is the editor.

Principles and practice

The book divides into three. In part one, the brilliant Collin Hansen gives an overview of the history of evangelicalism, while De Young looks towards our future. Part two has chapters on all the distinctive doctrines of evangelical Christianity — the nature of God, penal substitution, new birth etc. The chapters by Andy Naselli on the reliability of Scripture and by Russell Moore on understanding the kingdom of God I found outstanding. Part three looks at evangelical practice. The headline issues and tricky challenges are addressed, from homosexuality and abortion through to why we need local churches.

This book will warm your heart, clarify your thinking and stiffen your resolve to live for Christ. We should have brought it to readers’ attention sooner.

John Benton

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