A Passion to witness (DVD review)

A PASSION TO WITNESS A Passion to witness
Be encouraged and equipped to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
Passion for Life DVD
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This nine-part, DVD-based course seeks to help ordinary Christians (and churches) reach out to unsaved people around them. Its aim is to help Christians grow from being people who simply bring friends to events, into personal witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ. It will be of benefit to any group of Christians who want to be encouraged and equipped to share their faith.

The major theme is the Lordship of Christ and how that motivates and directs our evangelism in today’s culture. There is biblical exposition of key passages. The DVD clearly explains the gospel (to help us share it confidently). It also stresses the reality of judgment and hell for those who refuse to repent and believe (to encourage us to be urgent in evangelism).

Each of the presentations is given by a different speaker, and normally involves two or three short sections (each about 7-10 minutes) interspersed with questions for group discussion. There are Bible studies as well as stimulating questions to provoke discussion. There is a lot of helpful practical advice for personal witness, which all Christians would benefit from hearing (or being reminded of!).

The nine study titles are: What is the gospel? Why should we share the gospel? Why don’t we share the gospel? How to pray when sharing the gospel How to tell my story. Using the Bible to share the gospel. How should we answer questions? Leading someone to Christ. How to push the boundaries of our church.

The first three studies are foundational, seeking to encourage and enthuse us to share the gospel. The final six have more emphasis on practical ways to equip us to share the gospel. Personally, I found studies 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 the strongest.

The only serious weakness is in study 8. Despite starting well, this study clearly implies that simply praying a ‘sinner’s prayer’ is near-conclusive proof that somebody has been saved. This simplistic approach could cause potentially devastating pastoral problems in the future. Churches may wish to think carefully about how they approach this study. With that one caveat, this DVD is to be recommended as a very useful resource for any church seeking to reach out to lost sinners.

Adam Laughton, Gateway Project, Kent

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