The missing generation (book review)

A practical guide to 20s-30s ministry
By Kay Mumford
10 Publishing. 150 pages. £5.99
ISBN 978 1 906 173 920

Have you been wondering why there seem to be fewer 20s-30s in your church? Have you spotted the gap of young adults, or are you too busy catering for all the children in Sunday school and parents in the congregation? Where has this generation disappeared to? If they’re not in your church any more, where are they? Kay Mumford offers us some answers.

Kay’s book is a very practical and thought provoking insight into the generation of 20-30-something young professionals who seem to be dwindling in numbers in our churches. The book is probably aimed more at church leaders in terms of its practical suggestions, and I do believe it is a must read for anyone involved in church ministry wondering where all the young people have gone. However, anyone who has a heart to care and minister to the whole church family must also read it, and hopefully that’s all of us.

What Kay does brilliantly is help us to understand what it feels like to be in the category of graduate/young adult — or, in other words, not yet married with children; and how little our churches actually cater for this age bracket. Not all of her suggestions are going to be possible in smaller congregations (she is from a large well-staffed church), yet there is something there for all of us to take away and think through about how we can be better at reaching out to young professionals.

She uses all sorts of real life examples, which I think make the book come alive a little bit, helping you to see that this isn’t just a to-do list or a recipe for change, but actually has had a real and lasting impact. Kay also offers us warnings of what a struggle life can be for this age group, and also how the church will be missing out if we don’t look after them well.

Read it and be challenged; I was!


Naomi Skull, 
involved with the London Women’s Convention and in students-30s ministry at Chertsey Street Baptist Church, Guildford


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