Christians in a PC world (book review)

CHRISTIANS IN A PC WORLD Christians in a PC world
Facing the challenge of political correctness
By John Benton
EP Books. 192 pages. £8.99
ISBN 978 0 852 349 120

Christians today are in desperate need of being able to understand the times in which we live. We need to do that for a number of reasons.

First, we need to be able to biblically evaluate what we see around us and understand what we can and should endorse and what should be appropriately rejected. Second, we need to be able to engage with the world to present to it a gospel which is the only means of salvation. Third, we need to be active — as good citizens — to be arguing for a prevailing culture which is both fair and compassionate.

John’s timely book helps us in all of these areas. It’s a multi-faceted look at the particular issue of political correctness. However, the reader is drawn in to think about culture and society with respect to a number of different issues such as multiculturalism, sexuality and so on.

Big ticket items

It’s a relatively easy read, and sound in its biblical exegesis — a good combination. On the ‘big ticket’ items, I’m pleased to report that this is an orthodox and wise analysis. Although many of the topics (an overview of postmodernism, atheism and its impact on culture, and so on) are covered in greater detail in other books, here they are usefully brought together in digestible chunks.

The author admits, however, that political correctness is difficult to define and I wonder whether — at the margins — one person’s political correctness may be the next man’s grounded compassion. In other words, the slipperiness of the term means that we need to be careful being black and white about everything. There are some issues which are clear cut (and these are ably demonstrated). There may be others where we would genuinely differ on whether legislation would be appropriate or not (for example, the presence of a Christian blasphemy law). Perhaps, though, that is beyond the remit of an introductory volume such as this.

Notwithstanding these complications, this is an excellent introduction to some of the issues of our day presented with clarity and biblical faithfulness.

Adrian Reynolds,
Director of Ministry, The Proclamation Trust, and part of the leadership team at East London Tabernacle Baptist Church



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