Going strongly for the summit (DVD review)

DVD documentary of John Blanchard
Narrator Sarah Mardel
DayOne. 75 minutes. £12.00

This is a DVD documentary of the life of John Blanchard from his childhood in Guernsey throughout his 80+ years. Probably we are used to reading biographies but this DVD is an interesting and watch-able way to learn of this evangelist/author whom the Lord has used so much on a worldwide basis.

It is worth viewing because we learn of his life as one who is unsaved, yet involved with his local Anglican church in the Sunday School but heavily into gambling — but he goes to an Evangelistic Campaign and is saved. Being active in the Guernsey National Young Life Campaign and the Guernsey for God Campaign led him to see that the Lord was calling him to be an evangelist; eventually with the Movement for World Evangelisation.

Another interesting point is when he recalls how in the mid-1960s he was exposed to Reformed theology, and how the book The Early Years (Volume 1 of Spurgeon’s biography ) brought him to understand the sovereignty of God in the salvation of sinners. He did have to rethink how to close his evangelistic addresses, he says! In 1966 he wrote Read Mark Learn.

During the 1970s and 1980s his writing increased — Right With God appeared and how this book has been used! Ultimate Questions was published in 1987 — 14 million copies, in 65 languages! He describes how he was encouraged to take on a pastorate in a major church, but declined because he knew he was an evangelist – not a pastor.

It is a good view, so much else to find out about in John Blanchard – who is Going Strongly For The Summit.


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