Frozen (film review)

Directors Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee
Running time 102 minutes.
Cert. PG

In the beautiful land of Arendelle, Princess Elsa hides a dark secret.

Her emotions of anger or fear result in an uncontrollable outpouring, turning all that surrounds her into ice and snow. Afraid that she will harm those she loves most and having frozen the whole kingdom into an endless winter, Elsa withdraws to an icy isolated mountain palace.

Here she believes she will find happiness in finally ‘letting go’ and ceasing her struggle against the powers inside her.

But her younger sister Anna, warm, impulsive, with fiery red hair, sets out to rescue Elsa from herself. She believes that love will thaw Elsa’s heart. She also believes that romantic love will rescue her from a life of loneliness. The adventures that follow show that she is only partially right.

Snow Queen inspiration

The makers, Disney Pixar, credit Hans Christian Anderson’s Snow Queen as the inspiration for their latest family offering (although allusions are subtle and symbolic rather than any similarities in plot).

The film creates a beautiful glistening world where each snowflake is a marvel of animation. The attention to detail in the somewhere-in-Scandinavia palace, the clothing and the landscape adds to the richness of the fairy-tale world.

The plot is romping, the songs are singa-long great and it boasts a brilliant side-kick snowman (his song about how he longs for summer is laugh-out-loud funny).

Sacrificial love

But my favourite aspect of the film was the characterisation of the two sisters. Both are flawed, both make mistakes, but both learn that perfect love drives out fear. They drive the plot, they do the rescuing and ultimately they show the power of sacrificial love in what is not your usual Disney dénouement. Take the family, borrow some children for the afternoon or just go on your own for some frozen fun.

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