I want to let you in on a BIG SECRET!

This is a bit more of a personal note to all you wonderful en blog-followers out there! We wanted to say ‘Thank You’ in a small way for your encouragement by following us, liking the posts, re-blogging articles, and generally enjoying our content week after week.

The BIG SECRET is that EN has launched a brand new web-site and an online version of the newspaper (where all those articles posted on the blog come from). We’re not shouting about it until NEXT THURSDAY (June 19th) BUT we wanted to give you a very sneak preview along with an access code which you can use to read all the articles posted until the end of July when the August issue will be published.

You can access the web-site here and the access code is ‘try me’ (all lower case). Of course you can always sign-up for another 14-day free trial after that as well if that’s not long enough. But please accept this as a gesture of our gratitude to you for following and enjoying our blog.

And if you think there are others you’d like to let in on our little secret, feel free 🙂

As always we love hearing from our readers. May the Lord continue to bless, encourage and inspire you as you read, share and pass on the paper!

Many thanks – the en team!