Under the rainbow (book review)

UNDER THE RAINBOWParents worst nightmare?
By Catherine Campbell
Monarch. 192 pages. £7.99
ISBN 978 0 857 214 638

This book is about God and his love, every day, ‘common or garden’, right where it is needed. It is also very ‘harrowing’.

A harrow is a heavy frame with metal teeth or disks for breaking up ground after ploughing. The people in this book were harrowed. And God made the ground fit for his glory, and their joy.

Love and grief

There is a man and a woman loving their God, and then came their hardship. They had a child, who brought a new kind of blissful love into their lives. Too soon however, it also brought with it heart-rending grief and sorrow, not only to them, but also their fantastic families. The child is so ill, terminally. Then the joy of another child, the bliss of a healthy one. Again, some time later, another little bundle of joy, also so very ill. All through this are the very great struggles of the mother, fighting to hang on to God, who surely is loving and mighty and everything we are told about in his Word. And also the great love for each child. And, the great husband, who insists on knowing God first and that is where his strength comes from, this is where his love comes from. Everywhere, there is our loving God, in and through it all.

Lots of detail

I recommend it to all parents and grandparents, potential ones as well. People who want to serve in churches, men and women. For some it may go into too much detail, but I would say that in the detail comes the understanding.


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