God’s Not Dead (movie review)

GOD’S NOT DEADGod's not dead
Director Harold Cronk
Cert. PG, 113 mins.

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God’s Not Dead is a book by Rice Broocks which is a defence of the faith. It is now also a film, premiered on April 11 at the Coronet cinema in Notting Hill.

The film is a drama which follows a number of people whose interconnectedness becomes apparent during the film as they travel from their various standpoints to a living relationship with Jesus. The makers are hoping that the film will encourage Christians in their faith and particularly in the realm of apologetics.

One strand of the plot tackles New Atheists head on; others the pursuit of wealth, Islam, suffering and so on. There are few people who will not find that some of the situations speak to them directly.

Big questions

The viewer is confronted with the big questions of life and many will no doubt be asking themselves how they would answer them. I certainly was. It is an absorbing drama and well made. As en went to press, the film was being shown in about 40 cinemas up and down the country. People are encouraged to see it because the more who go the greater will be its future distribution. It was in the top five box office films in the USA for three consecutive weeks. For this reviewer, there was much too high a ‘cheese’ level and some very shallow and unfair characterisation of unbelievers. So, for example, when the atheist college professor suffers a fatal injury in a road accident there just happens to be an evangelical minister near to lead him to the Lord as he dies.

The makers are currently working on a project to film Esther. They are very committed, and see themselves as reclaiming the cinema for Christ. There is a lot about this film which could have been done much better, but, as G.K. Chesterton said, ‘If a thing is worth doing, its worth doing badly’.

See www.godsnotdeadthemovie.com/uk to see more details.

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