Spiritual Warfare (book review)

A biblical and balanced perspective
By Brian Borgman & Rob Ventura.
Reformation Heritage Books. 124 pages. £9.99
ISBN 978 1 601 782 847

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Written by two reformed pastors in America, this is a helpful although brief exposition of Ephesians 6.10-20.

The introduction reminds us how easy it is to become unbalanced in our thinking about, and attitude to, spiritual warfare. It can almost obsess us or we can become effectively naturalists, seeking to explain everything in non-supernatural terms. Moreover, we can swing from one extreme to the other! This book is a helpful corrective to both tendencies.

Reality of the conflict

The opening chapters set the scene – the reality and nature of the conflict and our need of the strength and armour that the Lord provides. The following chapters deal with each part of the armour and the necessity of prayerfulness. The authors opt for a both/and answer regarding whether the Breastplate of Righteousness refers to justification or righteous conduct and whether the Gospel of Peace footwear relates to evangelism or the peace we enjoy through the gospel. Each chapter concludes with some helpful questions for reflection and discussion. Three appendices deal with how God’s sovereignty relates to Satan’s activity, whether a Christian can be demon possessed, and the need to pray for our pastors.

This is a good introduction to a hugely important issue. It has done me good and I recommend it warmly. It could be used in personal quiet times or in house groups. The brevity of the treatment may stimulate you to look elsewhere – such as Lloyd-Jones’ two volumes on these verses – for a more detailed exposition.

Peter Seccombe, an elder at Wellington Chapel, Hereford

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