Catechizing our children (book review)

CATECHIZING OUR CHILDREN:Catechizing our children
The whys and hows of teaching the Shorter
Catechism today
By Terry L Johnson
Banner of Truth. 87 pages. £6.05
ISBN 978 1 848 713 000

As a parent, director of children’s ministry in our local church, publisher and trainer in children’s ministry, I picked up this book with great eagerness.

One family in our church has also recently started using a similar catechism with their children and I have seen the benefits of their efforts spilling over on Sunday mornings. Every so often there is an eruption of profound theological truth from these children and it’s simply heart-warming.

Although I am not new to the Westminster Shorter Catechism, I did find the concise and well-ordered history to be a good refresher. It would certainly also make for an excellent… (to read more click here)

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