Launch of the Religious Liberty Commission to defend freedom of religion

Set Gods People Free

(LtoR) Mervyn Thomas of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Justin Welby and Paul Robinson of Release International at the RLC launch

There are acts of religious intolerance all over the world, however it is rarely top billing on the ten o’clock news.

The world recoiled in horror as images of armed extremists attacking the office of satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine were widely broadcast. Commentators condemned the murder of a dozen journalists as observers from outraged communities the world over declared ‘Je suis Charlie’ in a show of solidarity with the stricken magazine.

But days after the Paris attacks, churches in the capital of Niger were torched during riots protesting against Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. This was hardly mentioned in the media.

Millions of Christians are persecuted every day because of their faith. In Syria, it is believed that 40% of the Christian population has fled the country*. In Nigeria, Boko Haram militants are attacking Christian communities, with up to 2,000 people feared dead after a massacre in the northeastern town of Baga in January.

Defending Article 18

The persecution of Christians worldwide has become such a vast issue that… (click here to read more)

Jon Nurse

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