Prayer fuel: Gospel making headway and YouVersion Bible app.

UK news-in-brief en page 3

UK news-in-brief (en page 3)

Here are a handful of news-bites included in the May issue of en. Please use these articles to spur your prayers, personally or in regular prayer meetings, as we pray for our country and issues we are all facing, along with persecuted Christians worldwide.

Dawkins chaplains? (UK) – Hospitals may have to provide atheist chaplains, according to NHS guidelines published in early March.

RE incentive (UK) – Graduates are being offered bursaries in an attempt to recruit more RE teachers, it was reported in March.

World news-in-brief (en page 11)

World news in brief (en page 11)

Albania: headway – The gospel is slowly making headway in Albania, it was reported in March.

World: new milestone – The YouVersion Bible app has now been downloaded over 175 million times on Smartphones and tablets around the world, it was reported in March.

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