Youth leaders column by Dave Fenton: The Nobel Army

credit: istock

credit: istock

This is a call to action!

I am writing this just before I make my annual pilgrimage to High Leigh to meet with fellow full- and part-time youth ministers. When I started youth ministry in 1985, there were very few full-time workers around. It is a real joy to meet with those who have committed their lives to such service in the church. There are still many pressures on people who fulfil this ministry but, without question, it has been a blessing to the church.

Support for volunteers?

However, for every one full-time youth worker, there are at least ten people who are not employed by the church who turn up faithfully week by week. I wonder if our so-called ‘volunteers’ get all the help they need or deserve. More often than not… (to read more click here)

Dave Fenton is the training director of Root 66, which runs training courses for youth ministries across the UK. If you are interested in discussing ideas further with him about this project, please contact him via Evangelicals Now. He would be delighted to hear from you.

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