Harvest field in Yorkshire

A view of the conurbation of Huddersfield

A view of the conurbation of Huddersfield

Yorkshire is a county which needs no introduction.

Famous for its landscapes, agriculture, industrial past and present, and modern commercial clout, its sporting success and the warmth (and pride) of its people, Yorkshire is a well-known brand.

Spiritual bankruptcy

What is less well-known is its current desperate spiritual state. Yorkshire has been blessed with astonishing revivals and courageous church planting movements in the past, and in many areas chapel buildings of different sorts bear witness to what God has done.

Today there are just a small handful of churches which we might call ‘large’ by UK standards. In most places, gospel-loving churches are very small, and in a tiny minority. Whole communities, urban, semi-urban and rural, are without a vibrant witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ. With a population of nearly 5.5 million (the same as Scotland’s), the need is almost overwhelming.

The good news for Yorkshire

Last year a handful of concerned believers living and working in Yorkshire started meeting to talk about the needs and opportunities for church planting. Over the months since commencing… (click here to read more)

Lewis Allen

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