Use it, don’t lose it! (book review)

Westminster CatechismCONFESSING THE FAITH
A reader’s guide to the Westminster
Confession of Faith
By Chad van Dixhoorn
Banner of Truth. 484 pages. £19.81
ISBN 978 1 848 714 045

The Westminster Confession of Faith has been one of the most influential summaries of Reformed Christian belief in the English speaking world.

While foundational for Presbyterian churches it has been adapted and adopted by Calvinistic Congregationalists and Baptists. Chad van Dixhoorn, an American Presbyterian minister, is perhaps the leading living authority on the confession and the assembly of divines that drew it up. He is the editor of the recently published minutes of the assembly.

This book is essentially a commentary on the Confession. Following its structure, each chapter includes the historic text as well as a modern version, Scripture proofs, and succinct but penetrating comments on the paragraph under consideration. Beginning with the doctrine of Scripture, the book moves through the confession to its final chapter on the resurrection of the dead.

Lightness of touch

In our day of much shorter statements of faith, this is a reminder of the value of… (to read more click here)

Kenneth Brownell,
East London Tabernacle

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