Editors commentary: Migrants and the Tunnel?

channeltunnel2WEBI was once offered a job with the Ministry of Defence.

It was in the days when the Channel Tunnel was first being proposed. At the interview I was asked what I thought about the implications of the tunnel for British security. In terms of conventional warfare it is not really a problem. But this summer the Channel Tunnel has become a gigantic headache for the government with enormous numbers of migrants desperate to get into the UK.

Security and compassion

Eurotunnel disclosed 37,000 attempts to breach security measures at its French terminal so far this year, with probably about 150 illegal immigrants reaching Britain each night as stowaways in vehicles. Lorries are parked up for days on the M20 in ‘Operation Stack’ in Kent because of the difficulties. This causes huge hold ups for trade and holiday makers.

As Christians we find ourselves torn. It seems as though half the world’s population wants to come and live here and there simply isn’t the room or the resources. Yet, on the other hand many migrants are fleeing not only economic hardship but also tyrannical and sometimes chaotic regimes in their countries of origin. They need compassion. Added to this some of those seeking to enter the UK could well be active Islamist terrorists. There is no easy solution to the problem.

Home to roost

A number of thoughts occur…..(to read more click here)

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