Prayer fuel: God’s fishermen and ‘Facegloria’

September issues en - pg11

September issues en – pg11

Here are a handful of news-bites included in the September issue of en. Please use these articles to spur your prayers, personally or in regular prayer meetings, as we pray for persecuted Christians worldwide.

Brazil: Facebook for faithful – Swearing and erotic content in any form is banned on a new social network site, similar to Facebook, launched by evangelical Christians in Brazil in June.

Poland: Honoured – On 12 July, representatives of the Jewish community honoured nearly 50 Polish Christians for saving Jews from the Nazi holocaust during the Second World War.

South Africa: God’s fishermen – In July, ahead of a mission in Port Elizabeth in August, Allan Verreynne, the chairman of the Port Elizabeth Mission Discipleship Committee, together with his son Brad, swam 500m out to a chokka (a type of squid) boat, got on board and shared the gospel with the crew.

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