Growing doing nothing new

Baptism at Moorlands Church

Baptism at Moorlands Church

Lancaster, 6 March 2005, 10am

In a tiny ‘gospel hall’ in a back street in Lancaster around 20 people begin to gather for the weekly meeting of Moorlands Church. The church is a mainly elderly congregation, who want to see their city reached for Jesus, but have found their numbers and energy dwindling. This morning, however, there is the excitement of a new beginning.

A small team, led by Danny Rurlander, who has moved with his wife Emma and four young children, has joined them with a vision to re-start the church in order to bring the gospel of Jesus to the city and its two university campuses. As Bibles are opened for the first sermon, everyone is conscious that God alone can give the growth through his powerful Word.

Lancaster, 8 March 2015, 10am

In the foyer of the Ripley Sixth Form Academy around 220 people gather over coffee for the morning meeting of Moorlands Church. Young and retired, families and students, people from Britain and the rest of the world from China to the Dominican Republic.

The place is buzzing with children. Bibles are opened with the same conviction with which the work began – that God grows his church through his Word. And the evidence is clear: after the meeting…(to read more click here)

Nathan Weston

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