Prayer fuel: Prayermate app and fuelling extremism

Here are a handful of news-bites included in the October issue of en. Please use these articles to spur your prayers, personally or in regular prayer meetings, as we pray for our country.

Theology free – As celebrated its 14th anniversary on 1 September, the 25,000+ theological articles that it hosts are equipping millions of visitors around the world to study in-depth, not only the Bible, but also church history, biblical archaeology and Christian missions without the need to access a university or Bible College library.

RE: watered down – The Church of England’s chief education officer, the Revd Nigel Genders, said in August that changes to the GCSE system are creating a ‘moral vacuum’ which is fuelling extremism.

Prayer, mate? – The mobile app designed to help Christians pray more regularly, reached a major milestone in September after receiving its 100,000th download across both iOS and Android.

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