Capital Gains by Graham Miller: Regular visiting

Regular visiting

Daada Luogon (L), LCM missionary visits ‘Rob’ in the Kings Cross area

We live in a shallow world of internet ‘friendships’.

In contrast to this, the London City Mission perseveres with the long-term commitment and depth of relationships that we find described in the Bible.

Jesus was ready to take the role of a servant, washing the feet of those he ministered to. Paul writes about his relationship as a ‘nursing mother… sharing not only the gospel of God but our own self’. The relationships we see between Jesus and the disciples or Paul and the Thessalonians are a challenge to all Christians. We are called to avoid seeing people as ‘ministry projects’ and instead we should form genuine, loving, friendships.

Building relationships

At the heart of London City Mission is the idea that the same person goes to the same people regularly, to become their friend for Jesus’s sake. Someone once asked a previous training director how we start conversations during our regular door-to-door visits. His response is informative:….(to read more click here)

Graham Miller is the chief executive of London City Mission.

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