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James Cary

James Cary

Subject: James Cary, who is married with two children and lives in Somerset, is a scriptwriter.
Age range: 30 – 40.

RJL: You write comedy scripts for a living. Does the BBC employ you?
No, but I’ve done a lot of work for them on short-term contracts (Miranda, Bluestone 42, Another Case of Milton Jones, Hut 33 etc.)

RJL: How did you become a Christian?
My parents are churchgoers and they sent me to a school where the Christian faith wasn’t just taught and explained, but lived out by members of staff in a way that was both distinctive and attractive. At the age of about 11, I realised that Jesus’s way was not the world’s way, and that I needed to follow him, rather than go with the flow. So I opted in.

RJL: How did you become a scriptwriter?
I’m not entirely sure. I wrote comedy sketches at school and then at university, but it never occurred to me….(to read more click here)

Writing That Sitcom by James Cary is available for Kindle/Kindle App or look at his blog

Roger Loosley asks these questions from the pleasurable position of being a retired lawyer.

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