Editors commentary: Leading growing churches


It’s a great joy that many churches are growing.

Some are growing rapidly. In our own congregation, starting around a year ago, we have seen substantial blessing and along with folk being saved we have had many applying for baptism and church membership – Soli Deo Gloria!

But when a church grows, as Ray Evans says in his excellent book Ready, Steady, Grow, the culture of the church inevitably begins to change. Communication within the church becomes far more complicated, not least because the number of possible conversations between larger numbers of people increases almost exponentially. There is far more room for misunderstandings, hurt feelings, etc.

With this in mind, questions concerning the management of the church by its leaders rightly come onto the agenda.

Management style

Many images of the church are used in the NT. But when it comes to the management of the church by its leaders… (to read more click here)

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