Glasgow: Planting the gospel

Paul Brennan


Paul Brennan brings us up-to-date with new congregations linked to The Tron Church in Glasgow

Original consistency part II

The Nippur Tablet


Dr John Peet compares the Genesis record with other early accounts of origins. What about the content of other ancient documents?

Churches & OFSTED update

Lord Nash | photo: Wiki


An outcry by Christians over plans to register and inspect Sunday schools is forcing the Government to ‘tread carefully’ over the matter, it emerged in mid-January.

Polarised society

The election of Trump and Brexit are seen as part of a conservative (small c) backlash against multi-culturalism and the moves towards globalism of recent years. ‘The world has changed’, we are told.

Mike Ovey 1958-2017

Mike Ovey

It was a privilege and a pleasure to have known Mike as a brother in Christ and a dear friend. I cannot begin to tell you how much he will be missed by a generation of ordinands, students and ministerial colleagues. He was one of those few people it is difficult to imagine not being around, and whose wise counsel was such a blessing to many.

The forgotten art of listening

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As I write, the signs look ominous for much of our world…

Love in 2nd place

Gosling and Stone | photo: Dale Robinette


Picture a multi-lane highway with traffic at a standstill under a blazing sun and a young woman getting out of her car and beginning to sing and dance…

Abuse scandal covered up for years

John Smyth

John Smyth


In early February, abuse allegations from the 1970s came to light about a leader at the Iwerne camps, now run by The Titus Trust.

Iran: Women lead the way

photo: iStock

photo: iStock


A January report entitled ‘Women Rebuilding the Future of the Church’ found that more women in Iran are involved in ministry in Iran than in many Western countries, despite women not having equal standing in Iranian law.

Forgiveness was new to us, but not to our language


Today, 95% of the Umanakaina people follow Jesus.