Christian discipleship


Barry Cooper, co-founder of Christianity Explored Ministries, encourages us to think about Discipleship Explored

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What makes a good church leader?

file_nao72iapawcbbuvt3jk4kzbq346ijs7xAny biography written by Iain Murray will be sought after by those who love church history and desire to learn from the lives of God’s saints.

Gareth Burke takes a look.

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Why theocracy is terrible


Russell Moore discusses whether governments should be ruled by God.

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It is said that up to 85% of people struggle with low self-esteem.

That’s a lot of people. And it’s not just a problem for those outside the church, it affects those inside too, which raises the question: how do we help Christians with low self-esteem?

Paul Chatfield gives his view on this controversial subject.

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Facing the finances


How’s the money in your church? I hope there’s enough and I hope you pay your pastor adequately (1 Timothy 5.17, 18). Without a proper salary he will worry about his family bills and that is bound to affect his ministry adversely. Churches who underpay their preacher tend to suffer spiritually. The ‘keep him poor, keep him humble’ attitude in some churches is appalling…

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Digging deep in the valleys


Mark Pickett talks to three young pastors working hard in churches in the Valleys of South Wales…

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